Hi! I'm Laura Assucena

Graphic designer based in Valencia 🍊, Spain 


👋 This is me!

I approach communication problems with a touch of pragmatism and a whole lot of fun. I believe that the perfect solution lies in the delicate balance between visual appeal and scalability. Boredom is my sworn enemy, which led me to embark on a journey of continuous learning and ultimately start my own company (let’s just say we had our fair share of trial and error).

Along the way, I had the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the fast-paced realm of Jeff, where time seems to move at warp speed. And recently, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the vast universe of Superside, a remote agency with an extraordinary global team that has expanded my horizons like never before.

take a look!

Featured work

Superside Principles’ Illustration

Illustration, Web design

LAV Cafe

Brand design, Illustration, Printed design

Jeff Connect: Success Stories

Icon design, Illustration, Newsletter design, Presentation Design


Brand design, Illustration, Web design

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials, Printed design

Comunication System

 Illustration, Newsletter design, Presentation Design, Blog organization

Wellness Champions

Illustration, Presentation design

Careers Website

Web design, Illustration

Jeff Connect: Boosting your Business

Icon design, Illustration, Newsletter design, Presentation Design

design wizardry

Unleashing The magic within

As a graphic design wizard, I strive to conjure up imaginative designs that transcend the mundane. I harness my spellbinding powers of design software mastery to create digital marvels with a flick of my wand. The devil is in the details, so I train my eyes to detect even the tiniest design blemishes. While my shape-shifting abilities may not rival those of a wizard’s familiar, I can still adapt my designs to fit the client’s needs. And just like a sorceress, I’m always ready to face any unexpected obstacles that come my way during a project, turning them into opportunities to perform enchanting feats of design.


With a touch of magic, my imagination dances creating captivating designs that defy the ordinary


As a versatile designer, I adapt my style to suit each project and client, ensuring a tailored approach

Attention to detail

I endeavor to unearth and rectify the subtlest design flaws, aiming for a flawlessly polished outcome

Technical skills

Like a design sorcerer, I harness the power of design software to conjure digital wonders